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God in my waking
God in my sleeping
God in the center
Take my life
It is Yours
I am the clay
And You are the potter
Make Me
Mold Me
Transform Me
My Lord and King
I give you everything
I surrender it all
Use Me
Fill Me
Guide Me
Everything I am
And all that I hope to be
I give my life…
To the potters hands.

– Love, By Tina…⚱️
Expressions of His Love
© 2018/Tina Unsell Seamon

But now, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and You our Potter, and we all are the Work of Your Hand. (In this Passage is the gist of the great Salvation Message of Christianity. Only God can change the shape of the clay, thereby molding the vessel into shape and design that is desired, thereby mending the flaws and weaknesses.)

– Isaiah 64:8

[Expository Notes taken from-
JSM-The Expositor’s Study Bible-KJV]


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