I don’t want to look back on my life with regrets.
Things left undone.
Words left unspoken.
Did I give enough?
Did I love enough?
Did I live enough?
Life is a beautiful gift of God.
And time waits for no one.
It is fleeting…
It passes you by.
It rolls on forever.
Like the clouds in the sky.
So don’t let us throw one sweet moment away.
Let’s love.
While we may.
Give what you can.
Whenever you can.
However you can.
By whatever means you can.
Without expecting anything in return.
Love with all your heart.
You can never love too much.
And don’t forget to live.
I mean ‘really live’.
Make life a beautiful adventure.
Because it truly is.
Leave no room for regrets.
Cherish the moments spent.
With those you love.
Life changes.
But, a life breathed with love.
Will forever remain.

Memories of a life well lived are but a treasure only to be imprinted in the hearts of those we love.
Make sure they are good ones.

Love By, Tina… ♥️
Expressions of His Love
©2018/ Tina Unsell Seamon


Photo: Pinterest- Photographer Unknown


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