Sometimes, the road seems so long,
I find myself longing to just go home.
But Jesus Whispers… Just hold on,
I have great plans for you.
Just keep trusting and believing,
You have a destiny that only you can fulfill.
Keep your eyes focused on me,
Keep looking to the Cross,
Soon you will know why you had to swim through the deep murky waters and walk such treacherous terrain.
I have tested you,
I have been strengthening you,
I am preparing you for something greater.
Continue to walk in my light,
Remember my promises…
Soon you will see,
Soon you will know,
Soon you will understand…
My love for you will never cease,
My child… Hold on…
Soon you will be going home.

– Love, By Tina…🕊
Expressions of His Love
© 2018/ Tina Unsell Seamon
Written 9-29-18 ©


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Expressions of His Love


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